Two Interesting Things About HTC One M8


  • If you drop the screen of HTC M8 in the first six months of purchase, HTC will repair it (i hope it replaces that) for FREE. You heard me.
  • HTC guarantees to keep the phone up to date with the latest version of Android for 24 months after launch. This is more than what Google guarantees for the Nexus phones (18 months).

However these two alluding offering from HTC didn't seem to impress reviewers. And for some it was not even worth mentioning.

Writing for Time Jared Newman writes:

While the hardware is nice, it’s not a major leap over the original HTC One. It has a bigger screen and a faster processor, and its dual-lens camera is sometimes useful, but there isn’t single hardware advancement that will push the industry forward.

Kevin C. Tofel, writing for GigaOm seemed pretty impressed (not heavily) with HTC M8. He writes:

In just a day’s worth of general use, I’m pretty impressed by what HTC has here. The HTC One M8 is put together nicely and offers good computing and wireless performance.

What i am excited about the phone is that it is equipped with 802.11ac on both 2.4 and 5 GHz.

At the time of writing this post, HTC M8 (32GB) was available at eBay for Rs 55K. If you ask me i would rather not buy it. You know what i am hinting to.


HTC has officially launched HTC One M8 in India for Rs 49,900 and will be available across from May 7th supporting 4G LTE as well. [UnleashThePhones]

How to Transfer MKV And Other Unsupported Formats to iPad

Here is a detailed how to guide explaining how to transfer MKV and other unsupported files to iPad and other iOS devices without converting via iTunes.

There is no denying that transferring supported formats (like MP3 and MP4) to iOS devices is easier than thought.

Once connected to iTunes, the devices can be easily sync via wire transfers or wirelessly on the same wireless network.

But problem surfaces when files with unsupported formats need transferring to the iOS devices.

Previous day i wanted to watch a movie which i had on my Mac in MKV format. One solution was to convert it into a supported one (may mp4) and then transfer it. However i stumbled upon an easier and faster method. 

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30 Days With iPad Mini

On 9th of January my seventh semester exams wrapped up. Same day Amazon delivered my iPad Mini (I had ordered it on 6th Jan). Since then i have been planning to write about it, but as a sucker of procrastination, i kept delaying it. Finally, here i manage to jot down my impressions and experiences with iPad Mini after a month of usage.

IPad Mini 7

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On Nick Bilton’s New Book ‘Hatching Twitter’

In past, books like “The Accidental Billionaires” (Facebook) and “The Everything Store” (Amazon) precociously managed to unravel the contribution and conspiracy that goes at the base of any startup. Hatching Twitter is like, but with a difference. Instead, it is the story of four founders.

The characters and deeds of the founders of Twitter — Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass and Christopher Stone — have been described in more details than anything else in the book.

If I am told to sum up the story in a sentence it would be: Jack forces out Noah; Ev forces out Jack; investors force out Ev; and finally Jack makes a triumphant returns.

Bilton, in his book, has portrayed Jack as the villain. His transformation from Ev’s employee to friend to his back-stabber has been detailed in depth. Personally, the book did left an ample evil impressions of Jack on me.

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On Solar-Powered MacBook With Two Sided Display

Apple has patented a design for solar-powered MacBook that consists two-sided display and rear touch inputs. Mikey Campbell for Apple Insider reports: 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday granted Apple a patent for a laptop with a unique display unit that not only serves as a solar power supply, but also an external screen and secondary means of touch input.

Last week Apple announced that its revenues might take a dip when results for current quarter appear in March. If it stands true, it will be first of such phenomenon after 2003. 
With its disruptive launches (iPod in 2001, iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010) the American technology giant has always managed to create a difference in the consumer technology market. However, seemingly it is struggling to introduce something disruptive after the iPad. 
Some expect the company to make its foray in manufacturing phablets — a species of oversized mobile phones as they are the new attraction (report suggest that by 2018, every year 120mn phablets will be sold.) As last year smartphone shipment passes 1 billion mark, some vote for a cheaper iPhone from the company. 

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How To Manually Configure MarsEdit For WordPress On Mac

Unarguably MarsEdit is the only viable alternative for Live Writer on Windows. (Oh there is one more Ecto).

Chances are that if you have installed your WordPress in the root directory of the site, MarsEdit is capable of detecting the required settings. However, if you have installed in other directory, you need to configure it manually. After trying to detect the settings, MarsEdit will throw up an error and will require you to provide the details manually.

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Review of Apple Macintosh Launched in 1984 by NYT

Erik Sandberg-Diment, For New York Times reviewed the first Macintosh on January 24,1984.

Apple Macintosh

In the entire review, Erik seemed to focus on three key features sported by Mac, that scored over other contemporaries. One simple feature still scores over the present PCs, to that i will come in a second.

First was the size of screen. (You might rant that the iPad has got bigger screen that what Macintosh sported, but you see 1984 was not like 2014. Though i know you wont rant.)

With a scant nine-inch diagonal, it presents a diminutive five-by-seven viewing image. My personal dislike for small screens made me chalk up an immediate minus on the Mac’s scorecard, particularly since I found myself, as I usually do when confronted with a miniscreen, hunkering right up to the computer, much closer than comfort called for, as I flicked it on

The second surprise was the quality of the screen. Apple has been a leader in creating disruptive products and I guess building supreme quality of screen has always been the priority of the company. (Lately Retina Display. Don’t bring Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets here. Who started building staggering screen?)

The Mac display makes all the other personal computer screens look like distorted rejects from a Cubist art school. [..] What the Mac adds in visual clarity, however, it takes away in chromatics. At present, only a black-and-white screen is available. Apple appears to be aiming this computer at the small-business and educational markets rather than the home entertainment segment, so perhaps the company feels that color is not necessary.

Third striking feature was the absence of fan noise.

More importantly, the Macintosh’s keyboard cord could be plugged into the front of the computer. I remember in my school days, (around 2010) we would break a sweat if we were to change the keyboard or mouse’s cord because they plugged into the rear of the computer. Allowing plugs into the front of the computer should have been natural. Isn’t it? And this is what a 30 year old Macintosh manages to score over even present desktops.

Happy 30th B’Day Mac

Today Mac celebrates 30 years of existence. Video describes precisely how it has affected people and profession since its inception in 1984. Need not to say more. 

Don’t forget to take a look of the where they have made the first Macintosh look more tempting than ever. 

Steve Jobs on the Mac’s 20th Anniversary

Jason Snell interviewed Steve Jobs for Macworld , ten years ago where Jobs wore his as usual witty yet clear attire of thoughts.

We don’t think that televisions and personal computers are going to merge. We think basically you watch television to turn your brain off, and you work on your computer when you want to turn your brain on.

And then Jobs uttered his wish to unify TV experience. Sad is even after ten years, we are yet to see such a thing.

Like, when you make a movie, you burn a DVD and you take it to your DVD player. Someday that could happen over AirPort, so you don’t have to burn a DVD — you can just watch it right off your computer on your television set.

Here is a rare picture I found somewhere. Sitting clockwise isTony Fadell, Jon Rubistein, Jonathan Ive, Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller  The picture also appeared in a TIME Magazine. 

Tony Fadell, Jon Rubistein, Jonathan Ive, Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller