Open Your Favorite Websites With Just a Keystroke

Open websites by simply pressing a key on the keyboard. Use ‘Super-ShotCut’ utility to change the way you opened websites.

We open Facebook, Twitter and few other websites several times a day. For every time we need to repeat the same procedure. Don’t you find it boring? Try something new today. Open your favorite sites by simply pressing ‘Alt’ and first letter of your website address.

Introducing Super-ShotCut, a small utility which lets you open your favorite websites by simply pressing a key. To use Super-ShotCut you need to download this file from Dropbox. Once downloaded, extract it, and launch the application. You will see a green icon in the task bar, which means you are all set to use keyboard shortcuts for opening your favorite sites.


Once ‘Super-ShotCut’ is running in the background use following combinations to open the sites you want. For example, say I wanted to open Twitter. I will simply press ‘Alt+t’ at once and my default browser will launch automatically.

Alt +g   —

Alt+ f —
Alt+y —
Alt+t —
Ctrl+Alt+g —
Alt+p —
Ctrl+Alt+y —
Alt+w –
Alt+o —
Alt+i —
Alt+r —
Ctrl+Alt+ f —
Alt +h —

Behind the Scene

I have simply used windows scripting to make this utility which contains approx. 10 lines of codes only. I have used commands like !g::Run  to redirect the browsers to the specified address.

I would love to get your feedbacks on my first windows script. Thanks!

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