Download Bing Wallpapers Without a Third-party Software

With a mere change in the location settings, you will be able to download Bing wallpapers daily.

Download Bing Wallpapers

Bing, is almost challenging Google in the search results produced. The Google homepage sports a very minimal interface with white background (of course you can have a wallpaper of your choice), whereas the Bing homepage sports a very attractive background/image everyday.

Download Without Software

If you are in India and accessing Bing, you wont be able to download it. (No the right click doesn’t give the option to save picture.) So there is a small trick. Just go to settings, change your country to US- English. And the next moment you will find Bing offering you a download option. All you need to do is connect Bing with your Facebook account.The download option will be active for only the present day image.

Problem with Software

For these small things to get done, I prefer not to install separate software. However I liked to try two freewares Bing Wallpaper Downloader and Bing4Free. On my system none of them seemed to work fine. If you still find yourself in trouble you can try Picturethrill though I have not used it.

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