A Chrome (and Safari) Plugin to Identify Fonts on Website

WhatFont is a chrome extension (also for Safari) which can be use to identify the font family being used on any site. In addition the extension shows font-size, color and the font rendering service too.

Till today you might have been using Firebug or Chrome developer tools to identify fonts. That’s a bit, I repeat only a bit lengthy process.

WhatFont Illustrations

WhatFont is chrome plugin (extension) that does the same job but with much more ease. You activate WhatFont in the tab and hover on a text you want to know the font of. It displays in pop up instantly. It is that easy to use.

Apart from native web safe fonts, WhatFont also supports font being served from various APIs like TypeKit, and Google Web Fonts API. WhatFont currently is available for Chrome and Safari.

+ In addition when you click on the text, it displays a bunch of additional information too. Like font being served by service (typekit, Google Web fonts,etc), line height and font size and the color. You can even tweet this information.

>> Download WhatFont Chrome Plugin | Via Chengyin

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