Tools to Test Responsive Design of Your Site Easily

Here is a list of some finest tools available online to check your Website’s responsiveness in no time. With these tools you will be able to analyse your web orientation on devices like iPhone, iPad, Kindle and SmartTVs.

Responsive orientation on a Galaxy SIII in Landscape mode [ via ]
Responsive, as you all know is how your website looks when appears on different sized screen devices. The advantage of using responsive design is you only have to make one design and that will fit all the screen automatically (including tablets, mobiles and gaming consoles) . You only have to set the rules in CSS, and that works magically on all the devices.

Once you have made a responsive design you can check for its responsiveness in your browser itself. Just re-size the window and you should see your site adapting the windows size. If you resize your browser to 480 X 320 pixels, which is the resolution of iPhone in landscape mode, you will get an idea how your website will look on iPhones.

However if you find resizing your browser minutely boring here are some tools that can help you to view your websites layout on different screen sizes. : This tool has a plethora of devices to choose from. Apart from viewing your site at different phones and tablets you can view your website orientation even at different TV resolutions too.

Screenfly offers a plethora of devices to choose from

+ : Responsinator has some pre-made orientations which look like various popular devices such as iPhone 5, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other android smartphones. Minimally put up design is likely to impress you.

+ : Another good tool which displays your page in various standard resolutions like 480 X 640 (standard tablets), 768 X 1024 (iPad in portrait mode) etc.

Responsiveness Check [ via ]
Responsiveness Check [ via ] : You might want to try this neat tool too. Nicely maintained.

# Also there is Adobe’s BrowserLab which can be used for the same purpose. It takes the screenshot of your website on various devices and platforms (Mac and PC) and displays in front of you making the comparison much easier. I have not spent much time with this service as it seemed a bit slow and the above mentioned did the job pretty well for me.

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