Office 365 and Office 2013 : The Main Differences

Here are the main differences between the Office 365 and Office 2013. It is important to understand the limitations and advantages of the both Office versions before you invest into it.

On Jan 29th Microsoft announced their yet another version of their iconic product Office 365. We discovered that this particular version suits the needs of a completely different category of users.

Office-365- Vs Office 2012

The Difference between Office 365 and Office 2013

+ Office 365 is the bunch of same office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, OneNote, OutLook) but these don’t have have the perpetual license(like office 2013). You have to buy the license for an year or four and after that you need to renew it again. Also you do not download the office programs and run. You “stream” the office programs on demand on any windows PC. I doubt the time taken in streaming the entire office applications.

The “streaming” option is quiet useful to an instance when you sit on a different computer and the computer does not have the copy of Microsoft Office. You sign in to the Microsoft account and in some time you have the full version of Office on that computer. When you sign out, the “streamed” Office applications also disappear.

The cost of the license of Office 365 is $99.99 per year and it can be used on 5 PCs or Macs. Also there is an offer for university students and faculties who get a subscription of four years at only $79.99.

With Office 365 subscription you get an additional 20 GB free storage at SkyDrive and also 60 free Skype calling minutes per month to call mobiles, land line phones and PCs.

+ Unlike Office 365, Office 2013 is like the traditional office suites with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. You buy a license in $139.99 and that is valid for the entire life time. You can install and reinstall as many times of want but only on a single system. You don’t get any free additional Skydrive storage (like Office 365) or Skype calling minutes. You can download Microsoft Office 2013 from here.

Which One Should You Buy?

This depends upon your ease of use. If you are a normal user at home or office and use Office on a single computer, buying the Office 2013 version will be a smarter choice. Or if you have multiple computers at home and use the entire Office suite Office 365 license sounds economical.

[Update] GigaOM reports of potholes in Office 365 services. [info] “Just days after the Microsoft Office 365 Premium launch, the service goes down for many users.” [Source] [/info]

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