Completely Uninstall Programs on Mac With AppCleaner

Uninstall Programs on Mac

Uninstalling programs on Windows machine is dead simple. You go to Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs and easily uninstall from there. Alternatively you use Revo Uninstaller or even Ccleaner does the job appropriately.

But what about Mac? How do we uninstall applications in Mac? To be simple, we go to Application and delete it. But does it completely gets uninstalled? Not really. Some of the files still remain there. So how do we get rid of those unwanted space being used and ensure the complete uninstallation of the applications?

To all our query, AppCleaner is the most effective answer. The freeware, measures just 2.05 MB and can be downloaded from here. To uninstall applications AppCleaner requires you to only drop applications into it.

Three tabs in the AppCleaner namely, Applications, Widgets, and others are equally important. Applications as clear from the name itself allows you to uninstall applications. Click on the Applications and every installed will be available to be uninstalled from a single click of your mouse.

Widgets tab will let you uninstall Widgets hassles free. Click on the Search, it will search all the associated files and next screen it will present you with the delete option, and everything (widgets and its associated files) get deleted.

Uninstall Programs on Mac

In others tab you will find other plugins (like Flash Player Plugin and JavaApplet Plugin) to uninstall.

You can also protect certain applications from AppCleaner taking actions on them. Click on preferences, then drag and drop application into the window. Also if you check Protect Launched Apps and Protect default apps, the apps lunched right now will be saved from being deleted.

Uninstall Programs on Mac

Another feature called SmartDelete, detects when apps are trashed and will automatically find other related files and will offer to delete them as well.

Uninstall Programs on Mac

Over all AppCleaner seems to be light and very appropriate uninstaller for Mac. Go ahead and download this freeware if you are here to save your time searching for related files of your uninstalled applications.

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