iPhone 5S and 5C Debut in India, Reliance Offering it For Free

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Free In India

Okay Apple fan boys, some good and some bad news. Apple has finally able to bring its subsidy sale model to India (like US and UK) and has partnered with Reliance Communication to offer its latest handsets iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on a monthly instalments.

The users are going to get iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C 16GB for a zero upfront payment. In place, they will have to pay around Rs 2,500 to Rs, 2,800 per month for the next two years based on the plan they choose. The phone will stick to just Reliance network and any modification in that will void the offer. In return of their Rs2,500 monthly fee, users are going to get unlimited data, unlimited calls and unlimited ams too. Now this was the concern till now why Indian telecom companies were shying away to bring the subsidy model to India.

The bad news is that the Reliance Comm. will only restrict the purchase to credit card holders of ICICI and HDFC bank only.

However if you wish to take 32 GB and 64GB version of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C you need to pay Rs 18,000 and Rs 10,000 as upfront payment along with the monthly fees.

Economically the deal is in the favour of the users. How? Lets say you get 16GB iPhone 5S for the MRP of Rs 53,500. Under this contract the RCom subscriber will get the iPhone 5S 16GB for free after signing up a two-year contract. Now he has to pay maximum Rs 2,800 per month for the next 24 months. This equals to Rs 67,200. This is nearly Rs 14,000 more than the MRP but you will be availing the unlimited free calls, free ams and free data for these 24 months which is Rs 585 per month. Fair deal. Isn’t it?

According the HBL, the deal is yet not official but is expected to be announced by today.

Meanwhile, Google announced last night its new flagship product Nexus 5 with its new operating system Android 4.4 names KitKat. The price in India for Nexus 5 is just Rs 28,999. Check out.

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Update: The announcement is official and the offer is being teased on the Rcom Website. However the final price is going to be somewhat near Rs.2599 and Rs.2999 respectively for iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Tech journalist Nimish Dubey recently tweeted about the press release too.


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